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ColorSphere Pigments dry powders are high quality, pure, synthetic iron oxide pigments and provide consistent color from batch to batch. We give the producer a cost effective way to color concrete and offer standard colors and custom powder blends.

ColorSphere Pigments provides custom size packaging as well as standard bulk sacks and 50-pound size bags. We also offer easy dissolving water soluble bags and repulpable bags.

You can depend on ColorSphere Pigments for consistent color, quality and our exceptional service.

FAST 5 TO 20 by ColorSphere is an economical system that allows you to stock 5 base colors to create 20 custom colors using our simple formula. Each color is packaged in lightweight 10 lb water-soluble bags making this color system easy to use. Features include:

  • Rapid dispersion in the mix
  • UV-resistant color
  • Excellent color uniformity
  • Different shades for every budget
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ColorSphere liquid pigments are made of high-quality iron oxide pigments, special dispersants and stabilizers in water. It is formulated especially for use in automated dispensing equipment.

ColorSphere Liquids are available in standard four primary colors: Light Red, Medium Red, Yellow and Black. These colors an be used in combination with dispensing equipment to make a wide variety of colors. We can also pre-blend them to create custom colors for the customer.

Packaging: We offer our liquid color in totes, drums, and pre-weighed buckets.

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ColorSphere Pigments granular pigments are free flowing, low dusting pigments that provides high levels of quality and consistency for outstanding color strength for concrete. We offer granular pigments in shades of Light Red, Medium Red, Yellow, Black, Dark Blue Black, Chromium Oxide (Green) and Titanium Dioxide (White).

ColorSphere granulated iron oxides have been developed to be metered and dispensed through automated dosing machines and are suitable for use in systems that utilize gravity, mechanical and pneumatic conveyance methods.

Packaging: Granular pigment is packaged in bulk super sacks or can be dispensed into buckets, bags, or directly into a ready mix truck by using a color dispenser.